Protect Your Roof Before A Storm

It’s very important to make sure that your home is completely secured when you have a major storm coming in. Whether you live on the beach and need to keep your home safe from a new hurricane that is coming in, or if you live in the Midwest and tornadoes are practically an everyday occurrence, you want to make sure your home is safe. Here are some ways you can keep the roof of your home safe so roof repair doesn’t have to be a bill you need to pay.

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Check your gutters.

While you are supposed to make a habit of cleaning up and inspecting the gutters on your home, before a storm is the most important time to check them. If your gutters are clogged or dirty, they will not do their job of draining the water away from your home. If you don’t want to clean out the gutters yourself, you can hire a certain roofing company to clean up and inspect your gutters for you.

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Check to see if there are loose or disconnected tiles on your roof.

If your roof is older, the chances of finding a loose shingle or tile is higher. But even if your roof is new and was recently repaired, you might still find a loose tile or shingle. If checking your roof for loose or disconnected tiles isn’t a job you are excited about, a roofing contractor will gladly climb up to your roof to inspect the foundation for you. This is a preferred method not only because they are trained to climb up safely, but the roofers are trained to spot an issue without heavy examination. This is so the issue can be found quickly and the job can be done just as fast.

Check the top floor of your home.

Whether you have an attic, or a single floor home, you will need to examine the roof on the inside of your home. If you see any bubbling, any discoloration, or any signs of breaking or cracking on the walls or lining of the roof, you might want to hire a contractor to take a look. If you see any of these signs and you have a big storm on the way, you will have a much bigger problem to deal with if you don’t get it fixed before the storm arrives. The signs listed above can almost always be counted on to start leaks, and that is something no one wants to deal with. To avoid the stress and chaos of roof leaking during a storm, hire someone to look at the issue and handle it before the storm comes through.

Make sure there isn’t any potential damaging objects around.

When you have a big storm coming through, you are going to see heavy and strong winds. If there is a branch that hangs over your home, or if there are things that could fly up and land on your roof during the storm, you want to go ahead and get those things handled before it is time for the storm to come through. If you need a branch cut, you can call a roofer, or you can hire someone who works for your local city to cut down the branches. This is so the job is done right and you won’t risk any damages or harm.

If you are extremely worried, put up hurricane straps.

These straps are things that people put onto their homes to make sure everything stays secure when the hurricane comes through. They don’t always keep your home from being damaged at all, but it keeps your roof attached to your home and it keeps most of the damages to a minimum unless the storm is extremely large and strong. These straps can be installed by you and your friends, but if you want it done properly and you are worried you might not follow all the steps, a roofing company can easily apply these straps to your home at a low cost.

Check your roof for exposed pipes or nails.

The outside of your roof is going to be just as telling as the inside of your home. If you see pipes or nails exposed on the outside of your home and these things were not there during the last storm, you should call someone to come by and add some protection to your roof and home. This can also be done by a roof repair company.