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Protect Your Roof Before A Storm

It’s very important to make sure that your home is completely secured when you have a major storm coming in. Whether you live on the beach and need to keep your home safe from a new hurricane that is coming in, or if you live in the Midwest and tornadoes are practically an everyday occurrence, you want to make sure your home is safe. Here are some ways you can keep the roof of your home safe so roof repair doesn’t have to be a bill you need to pay.

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Check your gutters.

While you are supposed to make a habit of cleaning up and inspecting the gutters on your home, before a storm is the most important time to check them. If your gutters are clogged or dirty, they will not do their job of draining the water away from your home. If you don’t want to clean out the gutters yourself, you can hire a certain roofing company to clean up and inspect your gutters for you.

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Check to see if there are loose or disconnected tiles on your roof.

If your roof is older, the chances of finding a loose shingle or tile is higher. But even if your roof is new and was recently repaired, you might still find a loose tile or shingle. If checking your roof for loose or disconnected tiles isn’t a job you are excited about, a roofing contractor will gladly climb up to your roof to inspect the foundation for you. This is a preferred method not only because they are trained to climb up safely, but the roofers are trained to spot an issue without heavy examination. This is so the issue can be found quickly and the job can be done just as fast.

Check the top floor of your home.

Whether you have an attic, or a single floor home, you will need to examine the roof on the inside of your home. If you see any bubbling, any discoloration, or any signs of breaking or cracking on the walls or lining of the roof, you might want to hire a contractor to take a look. If you see any of these signs and you have a big storm on the way, you will have a much bigger problem to deal with if you don’t get it fixed before the storm arrives. The signs listed above can almost always be counted on to start leaks, and that is something no one wants to deal with. To avoid the stress and chaos of roof leaking during a storm, hire someone to look at the issue and handle it before the storm comes through.

Make sure there isn’t any potential damaging objects around.

When you have a big storm coming through, you are going to see heavy and strong winds. If there is a branch that hangs over your home, or if there are things that could fly up and land on your roof during the storm, you want to go ahead and get those things handled before it is time for the storm to come through. If you need a branch cut, you can call a roofer, or you can hire someone who works for your local city to cut down the branches. This is so the job is done right and you won’t risk any damages or harm.

If you are extremely worried, put up hurricane straps.

These straps are things that people put onto their homes to make sure everything stays secure when the hurricane comes through. They don’t always keep your home from being damaged at all, but it keeps your roof attached to your home and it keeps most of the damages to a minimum unless the storm is extremely large and strong. These straps can be installed by you and your friends, but if you want it done properly and you are worried you might not follow all the steps, a roofing company can easily apply these straps to your home at a low cost.

Check your roof for exposed pipes or nails.

The outside of your roof is going to be just as telling as the inside of your home. If you see pipes or nails exposed on the outside of your home and these things were not there during the last storm, you should call someone to come by and add some protection to your roof and home. This can also be done by a roof repair company.…

Is My Roof Ideal For The Installation Of Solar Panels?

With everything that’s going on, people are increasingly looking for ways as to which they can minimize their monthly expenses. While solar panel installation projects require a large sum of money up front, over time, homeowners will receive their return on their investment and gradually lower their electricity bills. Solar panels are great for minimizing electric expenses as they harness the power of the sun by absorbing its light. This light is then converted into electricity. However, it is worth noting that not every roof will be compatible for a solar panel installation project. As such, homeowners should conduct their research to determine if their roof is ideal or not. 

Why Are Roof Types An Issue? 

The type of roof your home/business has, plays a critical role in the way the panels will be arranged. The way solar panels are arranged determines the solar output of their cells. In addition to that, different types of roof can either increase or decrease the amount of money you will have to spend to get solar panels installed. For instance, while solar panels can help to strengthen your roof to handle the stresses of weather related scenarios because they cover them, the type of roof you have may be prone to breaking or tearing.

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Roof Direction And Angle 

If you want to get the most out of your solar panels, they have to be facing south as far as possible. However, the south I’m referring to is called true south (solar south) and not magnetic south. While the direction of magnetic and solar south is similar, magnetic south is a little off by a tiny margin. You may ask yourself, what’s the deal with directing them to face a solar south direction? The reason is because we live in the northern hemisphere. As such, by position the panels in a southward direction, it will help to ensure that it gets as much light as it can for the longest time, as the sun rises and sets. Alternatively, if you lived in the southern hemisphere it would work vice versa as in to point north. While a roofing contractor will be aware of this, it is something to bare in mind that you can use to test a potential roofers

Roofing Materials 

While it may be true that you could technically put solar panels on any type of roof, you may not want to when it comes to metallic, or composite roofs. In most cases the material that your roof consist of will play an important role in how much you spend to install solar panels. For instance, if your home consists of ceramic tiles or wooden shingles, our expenses will be significantly higher than that of someone who has an asphalt shingle based roof. Why? In order for the solar panels to be installed, they have to be screwed/drilled down into the roof. It goes without saying that ceramic tiles were not designed to handle holes being drilled into them. Nor was it designed to hold a solar panel installation from falling from a steep angle. The point being is that while it is possible one can see how having a ceramic based roof would affect prices in this scenario. Alternatively, you can elect to have them installed on the ground if you are worried about potential issues that may occur down to a line.

Walkable vs Slanted Unwalkable Roofs 

Another factor to consider is if you have a slanted roof or if you have a flat roof. Flat roofs make installations cheaper and easier because the direction can be easily adjusted without much issue. However, steep roofs presents a variety of risk to the homeowner and the contractors involved. Because of the increased risk of falling, prices will be signficnalty higher than that of a roof that is slanted yet walkable. In addition to that, improper installation can lead to gravity pushing the solar panel off the roof, which can either damage your property or another person. 

Getting Started 

If you’re unsure about the specifics of your roof such as the angles, roofing material its made of or surrounding obstacles such as other houses or trees, you should contact a roof repair company to help you. While you may be tempted to use a regular solar panel installer, by going with a roofing company who has experience with solar installations, you can rest easy knowing that if something goes wrong you won’t have to juggle multiple different kinds of contractors to fix the problem.…

What Does A Roofer Do?

Roofers have a critical role they play in the construction industry. Some of the items on their job descriptions include installing roofs for both commercial and residential buildings. The roofing industry involves the use of various materials to complete the task at hand successfully. Some of these materials that come in handy for this job include tiles, shingles, wood, slate, and a host of other metals. Roof repair have a doubting task of climbing and scaling buildings to repair and replace broken roofs and seal them to make them watertight. Therefore, a career in roofing usually demands some stamina not exhibited in other professions. In most instances, roofing work gets executed on varying weather conditions, with shifts from cold, windy to hot, and even rainy weather and they get expected to withstand all this. Roofing work is essential and critical as it ensures that your building stands strong structural wise and is a safe place to live in.

Responsibilities and Duties of a roofing contractor

In an ideal situation, roofing work is usually determined by current day to day responsibilities. But if we go by the book, a roofer is expected to perform some of the following duties;

1. Roof Pre-inspection performance

One of the core activities performed before a roofing repair gets carried out is usually roof pre-inspection. This task is a standard procedure carried out by roofing experts to ascertain and determine the extent of damage and the work tools. The evaluation is essential as it defines and calculates the exact total amount of roofing materials and labor needed to complete the task successfully.

2. Measuring and cutting down the roofing materials

Precision is one of the requirements demanded when one decides to take up a career in the roofing industry. One responsibility of roofing experts is cutting materials so they can precisely fit along the roof edges. Apart from cutting materials to precision, they alter the existing materials to work in the roof as needed. Fitting materials around areas like chimney, walls, vent, and gutters demands a clear focus, and there is no margin of errors; otherwise, the entire project will be disastrous.

3. Leveling and smoothening of roof surfaces

One of the works that demand physical fitness as a roofing expert is smoothening rough surfaces and leveling roof spots before new materials get added to your roof. The use of tools such as chisels, hammers, and a host of other materials like sand, bricks, and dirt are used by roofers to ensure that your roof is watertight and level requires a good strong physical body.

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4. Roofing material installation

Another primary task performed by roofing company is the installation of roofing materials. It forms one of the primary tasks associated with roofing. Installing tiles, shingles, and asphalt to make a waterproof roof demands an apparent precision and focus from a roofing contractor doing the job. Some task performed involves only replacing the damaged parts of your roof and not the whole roof. Also, roofing company use insulation and vapor barriers to seal and make your roof watertight. Other items used in roofing repair installation include caulk and mortar to cover any nails that may be exposed and prevent leakages from screw leakages.

5. Site clean-up and setting up the entire project

A roofer is responsible for setting up the project and cleaning up the project’s location. Roofing contractors and experts come up with their work tools, and they have to set them up when they arrive. Consequently, they must build their temporary structures to house their items and materials during the entire project period. After completing the project, they must clean up the whole site and bring down the facilities they had built for their housing.

Roofing expert’s qualification and required skills

To become a successful roofing professional, one requirement for you is attention to detail. Many employers usually demand approximately close to three years of work experience as a roofing expert for you to fit in as the right candidate for the job. Apart from the three years’ work experience, it’s as well required of a roofer to possess the following skills;

  • They must have excellent communication skills
  • Physical fitness is non-negotiable when it comes to roofing professionals
  • Roofing experts must possess excellent interpersonal skills as they get expected to cooperate and work well with other team members.
  • Roofing professionals must have excellent customer service skills that must get portrayed throughout the project lifespan.
  • Roofing professionals get also expected to have an apparent dedication and commitment to the construction industry.

Roof Contracting for Home Improvement

A complete and comprehensive roof replacement is one of the biggest renovations that roofers do. Most new roofs are designed to last for 20 years. Roof repair inspection should occur in the spring. The process for hiring a Roofing Company can be quick. The home improvement consultant is in touch on the same day and will bring in materials. Debris needs to be taken away from the site. Items that could roll should be removed from the lawn. Additionally, the homeowner needs to protect the inside of the house and it is important to determine the damage to the roof. The consultant will take pictures of the damage. Lastly, the roof repair team needs electricity. They will need to bring in a generator to compensate for an outdoor lighting source. Please want neighbors due to the noise. 

There can be wear around the chimney and boots that surround the kitchen tubes. Clay tiles and metal roofing is more expensive. You may be interested in installing solar panels on your rooftop. A leaky roof can cause structural damage or mold growth. Roof repairs are relatively affordable. It is a good idea to cut the grass before the project starts. Nails are going to be removed and shorter grass allows the magnet to work better. The homeowner does not need to be at home during the replacement. Noise levels are very high during construction. Many houses have multiple layers of roofing. Shingle roofs should last about 25-40 years. It is a good idea to have pitched roofs. Flat roofs need to be inspected every three years. Preventative measures can decrease the cost of repair or replacement in the future. A roof inspection will allow the roof team to notice damage to neoprene pipe collars or if their are caulking problems. 

There are a few other points to consider when repairing your home’s roofing. Different types of slanted or hipped roofs are better at resisting strong winds and highly pitched roofs are better at resisting strong winds. Flat roofs have a slight incline and this allows the roof to drain water. In addition, there are many layers that are important components to roofs. The deck supports the weight, there is an insulator barrier that protects the roof against the rain and snow and there is metal flashing that guides the water off the edges. 

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Importantly, the roof also has a critical ventilation system. This allows air flow to keep temperatures down and keep moist air out. Building one roof over another can bring the entire roof down or cause the foundations to crack. Keeping these ideas in mind, roofs need to be installed with a lot of precision and meet structural standards. It is also a good idea to consider materials that can trap the house’s heat in the winter or deflect absorbed solar energy. This will be less burdensome on your HVAC system and conserve power. A bad roof can make the house unappealing during sale and can damage how much it will sell for. 

When selecting a roofing contractor make sure that they are insured. Roofing repair is difficult and potentially dangerous. The company needs to carry general liability and workers compensation. This industry is very expensive to insure. It is very important that they do not waive or discount any part of the deductible. It is also important to check how long the company has been in business. Does the company work locally? Make sure that the company doesn’t require any money down and can provide a list of references and have a track record of providing quality workmanship. Please check to see if the roofer is certified with some manufacturers and if they are able to provide a system warranty. The warranty is supposed to have coverage that extends to labor and materials and make sure that the contractors are using quality materials. 

A last point of interest is the importance of metal roofing. Industrial and commercial companies have been benefiting from metal roofing for many years. Metal roofs offer beauty and aesthetic while also offering durability, strength and efficiency. Furthermore, asphalt shingles are much more expensive than metal roofing. There are many corrugated and galvanized roofs that are still here today after many decades. However, it is very challenging to adapt utilitarian roofing to be used in sophisticated residential roofs. The standard elements that high-end homeowners are interested in are usually not fulfilled by flat-roof concepts. Some companies are incorporating colorful stone over layered steel to provide versatility in installation procedures and design to improve the roofs design. Metal roofs provide a more sustainable alternative to other roofs that may only last 10-20 years. Metal roofs can sometimes last 60-90 years.…

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Maintaining Commercial Roofing Systems

If you have a business or restaurant in Neptune Beach and you need commercial roof services, there are a few things that you should know before you contact a roofing contractor for whatever project you are planning to work on. You should know that the roof of the property is very important and you should take proper care of it. If the roof is leaking, the moisture can damage the walls and create mold around it. Never neglect your roof, you will pay for it more afterward.…